Miniature Holly Decorative Plant


  • Age           : 04 Years
  • Pot            : Cement Pot
  • Size           : H – 12″ , W – 10″, L – 10″
  • Soil           : Natural Bonsai Soil
  • Flower     : Yes
  • Style         : General Style
  • Delivery : Motioned delivery charges in the Colombo district only. For all other districts charge will be Rs50/- per kilo meter to delivery location from Colombo district boundary.
    We are accepting for the deliver more than Rs 10,000/- orders only

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Miniature Holly Decorative Plant

The miniature holly decorative plant is a small-sized holly plant cultivated for ornamental purposes. It features glossy, evergreen leaves and vibrant red berries. This compact plant is ideal for indoor or outdoor displays, table centerpieces, or holiday decorations. It requires regular watering and well-draining soil, thriving in partial shade to full sun exposure. With its attractive foliage and small size, the miniature holly adds a touch of greenery and festive charm to any space throughout the year.

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