Bu Nuga Mame Bonsai plant


  • Age           : 03 Years
  • Pot            : Ceramic Pot or Plastic
  • Size           : H – 10″ , W – 4″, L – 4″
  • Soil           : Natural Bonsai Soil
  • Style         : Twine Trunk Bonsai
  • Delivery : Motioned delivery charges in the Colombo district only. For all other districts charge will be Rs50/- per kilo meter to delivery location from Colombo district.
    We deliver to districts outside Colombo only for orders over 10,000/ rupees.
    Otherwise, we will charge the minimum order fee of 10000 and deliver it. It includes a minimum charge of Rs.50/- per km.

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Bu Nuga Mame Bonsai plant

Small bonsai, also known as mame bonsai, is a category of bonsai that focuses on creating extremely small and compact trees. Mame bonsai typically measure less than 10 cm (4 inches) in height and require meticulous attention to detail.


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