Veera Bonsai Plant (Drypetes Sepiaria)


  • Age           : 10 Years
  • Pot            : Cement
  • Size           : H – 15″ , W – 10″, L – 10″
  • Soil           : Natural Bonsai Soil
  • Flower     : No
  • Style         : General Style – Training
  • Delivery : Motioned delivery charges in the Colombo district only. For all other districts charge will be Rs50/- per kilo meter to delivery location from Colombo district.
    We deliver to districts outside Colombo only for orders over 10,000/ rupees.
    Otherwise, we will charge the minimum order fee of 10000 and deliver it. It includes a minimum charge of Rs.50/- per km.

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Veera Bonsai Plant (Drypetes Sepiaria)


Drypetes sepiaria is a species of small tree in the family Putranjivaceae.[1] This tree is very common in India and Sri Lanka. It is known by many local names, including vellakasavuveeramaram in Malayalam, vellilambuveerai (வீரை), aadumilukkankaayalakkamaram in Tamil, and weera (වීර) in Sinhala.[2]


The inflorescence flowers are bracteolate, axillary clusters or short racemes. The fruits are crimson in color, small sphere in shape and fusiform drupe. The mature leaves are broadly oval-oblong and base cordate to rounded in shape and glossy on the upper side. The young leaves are light green in color, turning dark green as they mature. The trunk are often gnarled, twisted or flutes, rigid, much-branched and puberulous.

It grows in monsoon forest and scrub lands.

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